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Cyber Hunt

Cyber Hunt

Cyber Hunt Part 1


The Hunt Is On; A New Cyber Hunt Has Begun!

This contest is broken up into 4 Parts each starting on Monday's until January 1st.

The first person that answers all of the questions correctly by January1st wins the Grand Prize of $100 and time with the Cash Cube for the chance to win $1,000!

The first 5 people to solve the Cyber Hunt will also receive prizes for participating.

Happy Hunting!


If You’re Using A Mobile Device For This Online Scavenger Hunt We Recommend You Use Desktop Mode.

Answer= Means that this is a clue that needs to be written down or taken note of. Remember, the order of the answers is important as well.

When you've finished all of the steps, email your answers to admin@onourownarts.com The participant that submits the most correct answers first wins!


  1. Solve the word scramble: LAL HNSGIT WEN MWSONE HOSE QIBUOTEU
  2. Search the phrase from the previous step in Facebook.
  3. Check the Posts section and find out what event occurs on December 9th? Answer=
  4.  Solve the following word scramble and search the result. secpndosypia.omc
  5.  On the Home page, how much do you have to spend to get a free Advent Calendar? Answer=
  6.  On the Home page, find the picture with Sno-Isle Libraries in it. What can you get help understanding in this picture? Answer=
  7.  Using the previous step to decode this cypher: 28, 15, 56, 1, 2, 29, 32, 52, 11, 12.com
  8.  Let your ______ be your compass. Answer=
  9.  It's almost Xmas and I dare you to tell me how much 3 of the Triple socks cost? Answer=
  10.  In the Photo Gift Products section, what can be found on Lucia's lei? Answer=

Email your answers to admin@onourownarts.com with December Cyber Hunt Part 1 as the subject.


Cyber Hunt Part 2


  1. Solve the word scramble and search the phrase on Facebook: on gloepoisa eotyrp dgranie
  2. Where was the event held? Answer=
  3.  What song can be found being sang? Answer=
  4.  Use step 1 to decode the cypher: 33, 46, 55, 1, 39, 5, 13, 14, 16, 50, 12, 63.
  5.  Search the phrase on Facebook and go to the page.
  6.  Find and watch the video thanking Sasquatch.
  7.  What kind of mistake is made in the video? Answer=
  8.  Check the comment section on the video and find out where the Community Appreciation Party will be. Answer=
  9.  Go to the page of the person that commented on the video.
  10.  How much can the winner of the Karaoke Contest receive? Answer=

Email your answers to admin@onourownarts.com with December Cyber Hunt Part 2 as the subject.


Cyber Hunt Part 3


  1. Go to Home - Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce and click the button under the following word unscrambled: ntoncec
  2.  Who was the Holiday Chamber Luncheon Presented by this year? Answer=
  3.  In the Posts section, find the green logo for the featured company that has been in business since 2022.
  4.  Head to the website of the logo and find out what 2 passes you can get for $50. Answer=
  5.  How much is member entry for tournaments? Answer=
  6.  Head to the Facebook page of the company (I'm sure they would love a Like and Follow) and find the post with Josh Ray at the top of the leaderboard.
  7. Like the comment titled X Marks The Spot. When does the On Our Own Arts and All Things New Women's Shoe Boutique Golden Ticket promotion end? Answer=
  8.  How many places can you take a photo for a chance to win $1,000? Answer=
  9.  Head to the Instagram page of the business. (Likes and Follows go a long way for small businesses)
  10.  Breaking News! When will the instructor be coming to the facility? Answer=

Email your answers to admin@onourownarts.com with December Cyber Hunt Part 3 as the subject.

Cyber Hunt Part 4


1. Solve the following Wordles. Find the Green business near the two phrases you got from the Wordles, then head to their webpage.
2. On the homepage, what color is the bucket with white writing on it? Answer=
3. Scour the website and find what the company is now accepting. Answer=
4. Keep going through the website until you can finish this sentence: "Let's Stay____" Answer=
5. Head to their retail division and find the name of a pink flowery drink. Answer=
6. Find the photo that's a Marvel and follow the link in the comments.
7. Find the person sitting down holding something blue. What is on their head? Answer=
8. Find out what the Owner "Gotta have". Answer=
9. What kind of "Swag" can be found on this website? Answer=
10. How much does the Cutie-3.14.... package cost? Answer=

Email your answers to admin@onourownarts.com with December Cyber Hunt Part 4 as the subject.