About Us


Providing A Platform For Entrepreneurs, Creators, And Supporters To Promote And Compete For Prize Money

At On Our Own Arts, we strive to turn the competitive world of entrepreneurship into an actual competition and give everyone, including consumers, the chance to win prize money. By creating contests, we are providing a space for entrepreneurs and creators to promote their businesses and creative works, while giving consumers the opportunity to win real money. This is truly a one-of-a-kind system that allows supporters to help market and add value to small businesses and artists, while simultaneously giving the supporter a chance to win money and prizes. This business model benefits the entrepreneur by giving them exposure, the supporter by giving them the chance to win money, and everyone because it's fun.

Our Mission

Our mission is for all of us to have the chance to make it, On Our Own! Gaining the notoriety needed to make sales and become popular can be particularly challenging. Small business owners and creative minds are too often at the mercy of the incessant  struggles of entrepreneurship to have the opportunity to be truly successful. On Our Own Arts & Entertainment strives to fix this problem by creating a space that allows entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, script writers, actors, musicians, and everyone in between the chance to be seen and heard around the world and make money doing it.


How It Works

In addition to assisting with promoting small businesses, we will be holding daily, weekly, and monthly contests for all forms of entrepreneurs, creators, and supporters to participate in. For our Online and Offline Scavenger Hunts, contestants scour small business websites, Facebook pages, YouTube videos and even store fronts and parks in an attempt to find clues. The first person to find all of the clues receives a grand prize. Our creative competitions range from online contests featuring best songs and videos, to best looking culinary dishes, and more; the sky is the limit! Supporters will then be able to rate submissions from a scale of 1 to 5 stars. After the contest closes, whoever has the highest amount of stars wins. A minimum of $100 will be paid to the winner with the amount of prize money increasing as the number of submissions increases. For all contests, the more submissions, the more winners and winnings.

Membership & Submissions

On Our Own Arts & Entertainment is a place for like-minded entrepreneurs and creators to share their businesses and creations and make money while doing it. To join the movement, we offer free membership to enjoy all of the content that we have. You must first be an On Our Own Arts member to participate in any contest, submit any creation, or review creative works.