The Cash Cube Is Here To Stay!


We are beyond excited to announce that the Cash Cube is here to stay!

To receive tickets to spend time with the Cash Cube, shop with our local partners below.:

Every Friday we will draw a ticket from each of our partner businesses to give the chosen ones time with the Cash Cube!

If you are a small business owner that would like to participate, your contribution will be converted into coupons that can only be used at your store and On Our Own Arts will match it and place it in the Cash Cube.

Your business will also be featured in our Cyber Hunt to help increase your online presence and one of the steps will involve visiting your business!

*1 Ticket per day per business. $5 minimum purchase to receive a ticket. Must be an On Our Own Arts Member to redeem tickets.*

Cyber Hunt is Back!

We would  like to announce that our Cyber Hunt has started back up and on July 1st whoever solves it will receive $500!

Small businesses that help us sponsor this event and runner-ups can also receive cash and prizes just for participating.

Best Creation Contest Ends July 1st

The Best Creation Contest also ends July 1st. Submit your creative works at with the top rated entry winning $500 cash and up to $1,000 in cash and prizes!

Voters and the top 3 rated entries will also receive cash and prizes for their participation!

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Thank You All So Much For Helping Us Get To Where We Are. We Have Some Very Exciting Things Coming This Year, So Follow Us To Stay Up To Date!

We're Gonna Make It On Our Own,

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